1. elapsing, lapsing, expiring, departing, dying; dwindling, disappearing, fading, evaporating, fading away; slipping away, flitting, streaming, gliding by, going by, running its course, becoming a thing of the past, running out; proceeding, progressing, ongoing, mobile; sliding, slipping, Inf. slipsliding away.
2. transient, fleeting, transitory, caducous, fugacious; not lasting, mortal, vanishing, transitional, transitive; temporal, short-lived, perishable, here today and gone tomorrow; momentary, impermanent, ephemeral, temporary, nonpermanent, meteoric, com-etary, flashing, flash-in-the-pan; flickering, unstable, precarious, fragile, unsubstantial; changeable, ever-changing, capricious, fickle, impulsive, impetuous, fly-by-night, wayward, vagrant; provisional, intermediate, short-term, short-termed; moving, shifting, inconstant, fugitive.
3. cursory, hasty, superficial, shallow, slight, surface; casual, off-hand, extemporaneous, extempore; brief, quick, glancing, short; fleet, speedy, breezy, brisk, sudden, rapid, swift; abrupt, brusque, summary, impatient, unthinking.
4. qualifying, admissible, worthy; acceptable, satisfactory, sufficient, sufficing, adequate, commensurate; unobjectionable, tolerable, average, par, Inf. par for the course, Inf. OK or okay, Inf. all right or alright; bordering, just over the line, safe, marginal, fair, fair to middling, middling, undistinguished.
5. going by, disappearance, disappearing, vanishing, dissipation, dissipating, dissolving, evaporation, eclipse, end; passing away, dying, death, demise, expiration, parting, cessation, exit. See parting(def. 3).
6. passage, adoption, yes vote, acceptance; promotion, selection, election; preferment, appointment.
7. in passing
by the way, incidentally, parenthetically, Fr. en passant. by the by.

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